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I am in my thirties and have always done a lot of fitness training with various classes over the years alongside running. What's amazing about core is the way the exercise targets the whole body. With toning, strength and general fitness benefits. After attending classes I quickly felt more toned in my arms and abdominals. After having 2 children the strength in my pelvic floor was so welcome and the exercises Katie taught me were challenging me to get better and stronger. With a combination of ballet and hiit I feel everything getting a workout! I see class as my time every week. It is hard but gives me results! My running has improved since attending and I can see the definition in my arms which makes me feel great! Twice a week I'm greeted with warm smiles from a lovely bunch of fitness fans and we clear are minds of the day and focus on our bodies getting stronger and fitter. I'm in the shape of my life thanks to core. I'd challenge anyone not to get benefits from this class.

I absolutely love my twice weekly core classes with Katie. As a busy working mum of two, I really need those two hours a week just for me. I am so much stronger and leave classes feeling energised and calm at the same time. We always have a giggle and everyone is really supportive and welcoming. It's been a massive stress buster for me too, an all round miracle class!  Katie is always super happy and positive and always goes the extra mile for all her students, nothing is too much trouble!


I thought I was fit until I started Core Class! Cardio yes, core strength - non existent!!! It has been a light bulb moment for me and can’t express how much it has helped me, not only become physically stronger but mentally too. ‘Zip up your core...’ is now my first thought if I’m struggling with anything in life! Katie's classes are exactly the right amount of humour & let’s get down to business, combined with her very evident passion & knowledge. My family know I don’t give up my ‘protected hour’ easily!!


Since I’ve started your classes my lower back and bottom pain has totally gone. I really enjoy my 45 mins with you. You seem to understand and explain everything so well it really does make such a difference. I’ve been to  lots of different exercise classes over the years ..but no one has ever really made any difference ,and have always felt I do more damage than good .

So coming to your classes really has made massive difference.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and great teaching skills - you certainly no your stuff!


Just wanted to say thank you. Only one other person has worked me where I feel the burn and get results, but unlike her class, with yours Im not thinking of ways to get out of it! I look forward to your classes, to your cheery self, to knowing the change in me is happening..if i put the effort in!! 


Since starting Pilates at the beginning of the year - I’ve felt so much better in myself. My back pain has eased & my core strength has improved so much . I always walk out of Katie’s lesson feeling taller & feeling as if she’s tailormade the lesson for me. Katie is a wonderful teacher, very professional & always puts a smile on my face.


Thank you so much for a great first term, I only wish I had tried Pilates years ago. Since I had my foot surgery nearly a year ago I have been shocked at just what an effect it has had on my foot, knee, back and hips. Now I finally feel I've turned a corner hips actually don't hurt since i have been taking your classes - Thank you so much!



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