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Spend Some Time looking after you...

We all lead busy lives, looking after everyone else, its time to take some time for you!



Strengthening your core is more than just adding some crunches on the end of your workout...

In Core Stability we work on good form and posture, building strength in those muscles that protect our gorgeous spine. We focus on deep transverse abdominal muscles, shoulders, hip flexors and glutes in our exercises, to create a powerhouse! 

It is an 45 minute full body work out that fuses Ballet, Pilates and strengthening exercises to give you toned, strong muscles. Low impact but packs a punch!

This strength can then be transferred into our day to day life and other training, basically giving us superpowers!!

We are super proud to teach the incredible Barre Eclipse method.

Group classes - £9 per session

Get ready to work hard!

Monday @ 7.30pm - Bartley School Hall

Tuesday @ 9.30am - Bartley Village Hall

Friday @ 9.30am - St Matthews Church Hall - Netley marsh

Friday @ 1pm - Limewood Hotel & Spa (Private session)

Group classes - £9 per session

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Mat Pilates:

Our Pilates sessions includes a variety of exercises performed on the Mat with small equipment. There is an emphasis on activating your deep abdominal or core muscles whilst performing the exercises in our classes, to provide stability and support breathing. The exercises are layered and there is a strong emphasis on progressing at your own pace, safely and with as much information that we can squeeze into each exercise!

One to one Introduction session - 20 minutes

Recommended before signing up for a block of classes

Monday @ 6.30pm & 8.30pm - Bartley School Hall

Tuesday @ 10.30am - Bartley Village Hall

Tuesday @ 11.30am - Mens Beginners class - Starting June 6th - BOOK IN NOW!

Thursday @ 9am - Bartley Village Hall

Friday @ 10.30am - St Matthews Church Hall

Small Group classes - £9 per session

1-1, Duets and Trio sessions - From £40

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There are huge benefits of keeping active throughout your pregnancy and afterwards. From strengthening your body, gaining pain relief through movement, socialising with other like minded people and making time for some "me" time, to name but a few.

I feel passionate about how Pilates can help Mums to be and New Mums returning to exercise, getting some time out and helping with the perfect programme for each individual.

"Change happens through movement and movement heals"

Joesph Pilates

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